Toronto Accountant Can Represent You for CRA Inquiries

If you are running a business in Toronto, you must know that you will need to take the help of an accountant in order to manage your accounts and financial statements. Moreover, accountants can also help with the task of income tax filing and tax preparation. In fact, sometimes businesses can also take the help of Toronto accountant in order to handle and represent the CRA inquiries.

No business wants to look forward to communicate with CRA. Business houses being a responsible taxpayer expects good return but sometimes may dread of the various requests that needs to be handles in order to manage it. This is when businesses think of taking the help of the accountants for handling various kinds of requests often made by Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

Businesses know it very well that it is extremely important to respond timely and accurately to CRA. When timely response is made to the CRA team, the tax issues can be easily resolved. The accountants like Cassim Auzam have vast years of experience and can easily solve the problems. In fact, while solving the problem, care is taken to ensure that all criteria for tax payment is made. Thereby, makes it easy to handle any kind of issues.

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Authorization Is Crucial

 If you want your Toronto accountant to deal with CRA related issues and represent you in court, you must take care to authorize the person as your representative. However, in order to authorize the accountant as your representative, several options are available. Take a look at it.

  1. Online

Several online software tools are available for the accountants. Once the accountant registers through the tool, they get to deal with CRA issues very easily.

  1. Mail

 Another way through which an accountant can be legitimized to represent clients in CRA issues is by simply filling out a form. The form can be then mailed to the CRA tax centre. However, the Toronto accountant must make sure of the fact that they have filled the correct address.

Whatever mode for registering a homeowner choose, the accountant can help with correct assessment or reassessment of the tax return. They can help you with appeal against as decision. It is always better to have an accountant by your side along with a lawyer for handling CRA inquiries because of many reasons. Take a look into it.


Experience : If you want to provide an objection for the assessment made by CRA, it is crucial to take the help of an accountant. Their vast experience with tax compliance rules makes it easy to them to prepare for tax filing. The Toronto accountant can easily simplify the process.

Experts: The accountants are expert in the field of tax filing. Hence, they will make sure that their client benefit from income tax returns. In fact, they can easily help with tax forms and tax return filing.


When you have to deal with CRA issues, you can take the help of Toronto accountant. They will make sure all inquires gets cleared with the help of right facts. All because they will carry out the tax audits process very carefully.